Volunteer statement

The following statement was written by an SUS volunteer


Diane holds a Ma

I have been part of Stand Up Sisters now for roughly four years.  Volunteering with Stand up Sisters has given me a lot of confidence and I feel that I am able to attempt to do things that I would not have thought possible a few years ago.
A few months ago I attended a course run by a company called Odd Arts. If it had not been for the Stand Up Sisters teams’ encouragement I would not of attended. Through this course I gave a short workshop on the value of listening to each other, this short presentation was centred around the importance of listening more to our friends and families who may be struggling. I had also written a short play called the Listening which was also performed. This event was an empowering experience for many I talked to.
Without the previous 4 years or so I do not think that I would have had the confidence to even attempt such a thing. Not only has Stand Up Sisters assisted with the my confidence but during lock down Stand Up Sisters held courses nearly every week.

These courses ranged from story telling to writing to making all kinds of wonderful things. Taking part in many activities which involved many different arts and crafts, whilst we were in lock down was really helpful for my mental health during the pandemic.

 Without Stand Up Sisters I think that things would have been a lot harder for me personally as being a part of the organisation helped me to maintain a better outlook on life.



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