Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga for Beginners

SUP yoga is basically doing yoga while standing, sitting, etc on a SUP board.

For many, SUP yoga combines the peace, centeredness and full body engagement with the fresh air and natural elements only to be found on the water. It takes the art to a whole new level and provides a refreshing challenge for many looking for the next step in their yoga journey.

A couple tips:
Try to use a longer, wider board to maximize stability. If doing SUP yoga in deeper water, the ability to swim is important. Also, an anchor is nice to maintain location on the water so focus can stay on breathing, balancing, and enjoying the moment. If you do not use a anchor, be sure you are practicing in a safe area or very calm water so you won't drift into an unsafe area.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience! We always enjoy a good SUP story.

Enjoy your SUP yoga experience!

Here is a video courtesy of StandUpPaddlingTV. Julie Roach walks us through a great beginner, SUP, yoga sequence.