Our Projects

Creative writing and visual arts – “The Swinging Sixties”

Using creative writing and visual art we explored the 1960’s. We are looking to put together an online exhibition of the work created. We researched the Bolton Women’s Liberation movement and wrote our own “I have a Dream” speeches. We made paper dresses and wrote songs inspired by Bob Dylan. Below are some writings and artwork created by Stand Up Sisters members.

Funded by:  Bolton CVS Ambition for Ageing and Bolton CVS Small Grants.

I have a dream that there will be no litter on the ground, that there will be no class division,
that people will respect each other and help each other.
That abuse of humans and animals will not exist.
That ignorance and understanding will be easier for everyone and that the narrow minded will
be awakened.
That money will not rule the world and those who inhabit it.
That sociopaths and psychopaths don’t exist.
That people will always tell the truth no matter how hard.
That society would support each other and homelessness would be a made up word, by a make
believe character in a make believe world on television.
That people wouldn’t have to struggle for jobs or settle for less or be judged not fit for work.
That racism would be taken seriously or better yet not even exist at all.
I have a dream of a world that will never be, even though it’s not hard to see.

Textile workshops exploring human-rights – “Crazy Craftivism for World Wise Women” 

We created craftivism pieces working with Achieve services and women from the Early Intervention Team and delivered craft packs to Urban Outreach. The work was based around the concept of “Human Rights”. In particular we looked at “The Right to Feel Safe” and how mental illness breaches that right on a regular basis. The work was photographed and will appear on a billboard which was displayed in January 2021. Funded by: Salford CVS Achieve 

Creative project – “Stitch and Stories” 

We currently running outdoor art workshops on playwrighting, stand up and art therapy. Plans for the future include a dreamcatchers course, creative writing, craft packs, photography and walking influenced by Myths, Legends and Fairytales. We rip apart stereotypes and recreate stories influenced by “The Women Who Run with the Wolves” written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Below are pieces of writing created by a Stand Up Sisters members and a photograph of artwork created by a participant.

Funded by Tampon Tax

Quote from participant “I have chosen to create an Iranian tribunal women, which are very strong women within the community. Their wise ways and their difficult lives have always inspired me, including my grandmother who has been a big influence in my life. For this purpose I created a small stitched woman in her local and traditional dress as a symbol of this society” 

The night

Rhythm thumping limbs twisting

Bodies swaying movement synced

Hair flying sweat dripping

Elation growing motion unending

Feet sticking smoke fumes

Scattered lights pints downed

The Power of Women

Women see the clever way, the cunning plan,

Women devise the plot and decide the outcome

Women choose the protagonist, reveal the culprit

Women assume the guise of the all knowing

Women are the procurers of the future

Women drive their dreams forward

Women crush and flatten the sceptic

Women silence the doubters the “can’t be done’s

”Women solve the unexplained, write the solution

Women direct the scenes, choreograph the movements,

Women switch on the lights, cue the sound.

Women show the others to their seats

Women make them wait, impotent.

Women then give the signal for life to begin,

For the curtain to rise.

For the world to start spinning.

Combined art – In Her Words

Podcasting, stand up comedy, music and fine Craft packs.

Funded by Awards for All Below is some writing and some art.

Keep Your Distance

 Two metres away?

Not much change there then.

 You’ve always kept your distance,

 Never really let me near,

 So our bodies and minds disengage

 As we clutch at different dreams and desires.

 A gaping chasm has opened up

 No bridges can be built between us now

 There are no foundations left,

 Only shifting sands of mutual distrust.

 So, we sit together on the double sofa

 Far more than two metres apart.

 Are you with her?

We are working in partnership with Platform 5 Gallery and are seeking funding to enhance Bolton train station. Above are some designs created by a Stand Up Sisters member.

We are running a few projects at the min. Thursdays 1-3pm each week on zoom, where we will be running Monologues and Duologues Funded by The Standing Together Programme and Bolton CVS. After this we will be running some Eco Art Zoom Workshops on Thursdays 1-3pm, as well walk and create, Sundays and a 3 day business course for women with disabilities. Get in touch if you’d like to more. Here are some photo’s from our latest walk and create round Entwistle. 

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