Yoga, a Proactive Solution to Overall Body Health

When it comes to taking care of our bodies, the first thought that comes to my mind is yoga. In a world of reactionary solutions, yoga can be both a proactive and reactive solution. As a society, we tend to eat foods that we know are not good for us and behave in ways that we know can hurt us, all with the attitude that we can just go to the doctor and have someone fix us. If a joint goes out, we replace it with plastic - instead of strengthening the weak muscles that compromised the joint in the first place.

Please note, I'm not going down the road of 'anti-modern-medicine', everything has it's place. I am simply encouraging the proactive attitude of taking care of one's body and being aware of how our body is connected, supports itself, and most importantly how amazing our body actually is… this is yoga.

Not only does yoga teach strength, balance, centering, and self-acceptance, but it also detoxes. It causes a positive reaction within the body. Once the body tastes that strength or feels that balance it continues to crave it. I find myself reaching, turning, dancing through my day - while trying to elongate and keep my heart open. Same with the detoxing - I have never craved greasy food after yoga. Instead, I find myself drinking water and reaching for berries or apples, wanting to replenish my system with goodness.

Not only can yoga contribute to overall body health, but it also brings quietness and peace, which we all need. Now, in steps stand-up paddling…

I find yoga and stand-up paddling a beautiful combination. Stand-Up paddling is a great low-impact, cardio exercise, allowing one to build on the peace from yoga and take it on the water, absorbing the beauty and tranquillity of being in nature - feeling strong and embracing life. The fact that one can actually get on a board, paddle, do yoga, paddle some more, breathing in nature the entire time, makes it a must-try in my book. So I did… and I wasn't disappointed.

If you need help getting started, shoot us an email and we would be happy to help! standup

Enjoy this beautiful day! - and as Janet Moreland said after winning the 2014 Spirit of Adventure Award this week - "Don't give up on your day dream."

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