5 Tips to Staying Well this Cold Season!

  1. Soothe your sinuses with sesame oil. Lie down, tilt your head back, and apply three to five drops of sesame oil into each of your nostrils.
  2. Keep your lungs clear with the full yogic breathe. Inhaling through the nose, deep into the belly then filling the lungs and chest. Exhale through the mouth, emptying the chest, belly, and finally drawing the belly button back towards the spine.
  3. Boost your immunity with tulsi (holy basil) tea.
  4. Give your mind a rest by limiting screen time. Let the mind relax by letting go of constant stimulation. Put away the phone, tablet, computer, and shut off the tv. Enjoy some quiet.
  5. Bonus: Inversions and gentle hip openers help clear out sinuses. Try down dog, forward fold, plow, baby gate, etc to keep the spine healthy and sinuses open. If you are already sick and achey - do very gentle stretches that won't leave you more fatigued.

Some of the content for this article is from the Yoga Journal. Read the full article here.

Staying healthy this cold season