Healthy Living - Simplify

Mind and body awareness are so important to healthy living. However, it can be challenging and easily 'put off until tomorrow'. The truth of the matter is though, you just need to start and your mind and body will crave this awareness, making it part of everyday life and bringing out that beautiful, unique, and strong you!

Here are 3 simplifying tips to get you started:

1. Cut down on the processed foods in your diet. Please don't go extreme if you are just getting started. This can cause you to relapse back to your old diet. Simply add a bag of carrots to your diet this week or grab a bag of tortilla chips instead of potato chips. A nice rule of thumb is the fewer (simpler) ingredients on the package the better the choice.

2. Strengthen your core and pelvic floor. This will really help your stand-up paddling experience. Sit up straight or stand tall by removing the curves in your back. Roll your shoulders back and down, then tip your pelvis back by engaging the core, this will flatten out the curve in your lower back. Strengthen the pelvic floor with kegel exercises. Both of these can be done anywhere. So start right now! Don't be shy - give it a try!

3. Be Still. When you lay down at night or go out on your board, be still and give yourself 10 minutes of complete peace and quiet. Breathe deep. Inhale peace and exhale all of the burdens and worries from the day. Focus on the fact that you are so loved. You may find that after a week, 10 minutes isn't enough.

Good luck!

Healthy Living - Simplify - Stand Up Paddling at Sunset