Letting the Soul Dance.

As a society based largely around work, titles, status, likes and incredibly hectic schedules - it is really easy to forget the freedom of living. Getting out there and letting the soul dance and feel and experience… without a time restraint.

Last week I battled myself, convincing myself I was too busy to get out on the water. I stared longingly at the water every night, exhausted from the day, telling myself - maybe tomorrow.

Today, however, I took it all in stride. Taking time to do the things I love, knowing that giving myself that time would ultimately make my work and life better. The soul needs to breathe. - and breathe it did! I cruised out on the water, stretched, paddled, soaked in the sun and the beautiful breeze. My husband brought the kiddos down, I had asked for 20 minutes solo - then we all paddled. It was magical. My little girl wanted to do yoga and my boy wanted to race - and we did both. And my soul was refreshed.. and it felt so good to live - to simply enjoy my surroundings and breathe in the energy we all need to live.

I have heard multiple stand-up paddlers speak of the incredibly awesome feeling that washes over them when they paddle - peace, happiness, and contentment. I honestly don't think I would've believed it if I hadn't tried it - but there is something absolutely soothing about cruising across the water, surrounded by beauty, and life… it really is worth trying. You will see.

As always, we would love to help you out if we can, standupsisters@aquabound.com. We also love to hear paddling stories!

To round out my paddling adventure, a beautiful sunset.

Enjoy today!

Healthy Living Letting the Soul Dance Sunset