No matter what we do in this life, simple, complex, large scale life changes, or everyday actions - the outcome can largely be connected back to one common denominator… attitude. It is at the absolute core of centering mind and body. We get out what we put in. Throw your heart into something and that something becomes alive with your energy. Approach a task or new endeavor with an expectation to fail - and you will. This doesn't mean you won't 'fail' with a good attitude, but you'll enjoy the ride, failure or success. And if you enjoy the ride, than a failure becomes success. Enjoy life. It's a gift. Approach every day and every endeavor or task with a positive attitude and kindness in your heart. Your life will bloom.

Once your heart is centered, the good things in life get even better. Take your energy out on the water. Stand tall, paddle strong, and always keep your heart open. I would absolutely love to hear about your journey and stand up paddling stories - email to share.