Alleviate Back Pain Through Stretching and Strengthening

Both stand-up paddling and life in general can cause back discomfort. Here are a few poses that stretch the back, open the hips, and strengthen the core, making your stand-up paddling experience more enjoyable. Feel free to try these on your board too!

For reference here are the poses covered in the video:
Seated Forward Fold (Stretches back and strengthens core.)
Forward Fold in Simple Pose (Opens hips and lower back.)
Standing Leg Lifts (Strengthens core and increases balance.)
Standing Forward Fold (Stretches back and engages core.)
Cat and Cow (Loosens the back and stretches core.)
Threading the Needle (Opens up the back.)

If you want more information and poses for strengthening your core, check out our article Strengthen Your Core and Your SUP Experience.