Tiff Paglinawan

Meet Tiffany Paglinawan. Back in 2009, she was the first female to charge Pipeline SUP. That alone is really cool, but turns out Tiff is also a really great person. Centered, caring, and happy. Keep reading to check out our Q & A with Tiff. She's an inspiration both on and off the water.

Why do you paddle board?
The simplest way I can say it is because it makes me happy. When I'm out paddling or surfing on my standup board, I'm always stoked. It's definitely improved my balance, surfing skills, and awareness in the water. Plus it's a great and fun way to stay fit.

What motivates you in your life?
The possibility motivates me. Knowing that anything in life is possible is a motivator. If I need to get something done or trying to achieve goals, I always have that in the back of my mind to keep me driven. I know that anything you put your mind to you can achieve if you believe and have faith. It sounds kind of cliche, but it's so true.

In the little bit that I have read about you, you seem like you are a pretty healthy/centered person, exercise, diet, mentally. Do you feel at peace or centered? Is there any one thing that helps you to achieve this peace? Do you have any advice in helping other women find this kind of centeredness?
I do feel at peace and centered. We all have bad days, but I always try to remember it's not a bad life and that God has blessed me in so many ways. Always count your blessings. I think that's really important in life and it's helped me to be at peace. There will be situations that may not be ideal, but I try to look at is as a learning experience and how it helps me to grow as a person. I think having an open mind helps. I also find that surfing helps me to stay balanced (centered and at peace). Its my stress reliever, my mental and emotional cleanser, and not to forget.. It's just super fun. It's important to have a healthy release like that in life to stay balanced, whether it's surfing, paddling, dancing, reading, or whatever else activity that makes you happy.

Photo credit to Blane Chambers.

Tiff Paglinawan