Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in South Dakota

We set out a little after sunrise. The weather was slightly overcast and absolutely beautiful this morning. Our Aqua-Bound stand-up paddles worked great too, even against a little head wind. Enjoy the pics. Mya is 9 months pregnant, a yoga instructor, and a wonderful person. Please notice, for those who maybe fear falling in, we are just as beautiful after being dunked :). Enjoy today!

Love Long Beach Festival This Weekend

July 19th and 20th. Free 2 day celebration of all things we love about Long Beach... Art, Music, Arts and Crafts Village, Food, Farmers Market, Saturday Evening Luau, Sports... 5k Run, Swim, Paddle, Beach Volleyball, Sand Soccer, Beach Football, Yoga, Dog Events and Work Out Area. Beach Dance Party Saturday Night with a Fire Show and Burning Man. This event benefits a great Long Beach non-profit, Children Today.

My Body Image, My Self: Weighty Stories of Self-Acceptance from the Yoga Journal

In a six-part series, Yoga Journal asked six women participating in the 'Practice of Leadership conversation' on Saturday, July 12, 2014, what body image means to them. Disclaimer: It’s positive, pop-y and powerful. And yes, as a yoga community, we do believe experience is everything. Check out Dana Smith's conversation here - and then read them all if you are feeling the love!

Living Land and Waters

Many of us have been fortunate enough in our lifetimes to not have to worry about where our water comes from. While this is a wonderful thing, we may have a tendency to unintentionally take for granted our water supply.

Check out this inspirational video and gentle reminder from Living Land and Waters. What a great opportunity to help give back to this beautiful world and help take care of our water supply and playground.


No matter what we do in this life, simple, complex, large scale life changes, or everyday actions - the outcome can largely be connected back to one common denominator… attitude. It is at the absolute core of centering mind and body. We get out what we put in. Throw your heart into something and that something becomes alive with your energy. Approach a task or new endeavor with an expectation to fail - and you will. This doesn't mean you won't 'fail' with a good attitude, but you'll enjoy the ride, failure or success. And if you enjoy the ride, than a failure becomes success. Enjoy life.

Full 'Honey' Moon

Not only are full moons connected to fresh starts they are also absolutely beautiful. The full moon tonight is called a honey moon because of it's low location in the sky, picking up hues from the setting sun. So, if you have been waiting for that perfect chance to try out that new paddle or board or just take a few moments for yourself, tonight can be your night. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, breathe in peace, and just be.