Freedom Stand-Up Paddle 4 Piece

Because we care about your paddling experience so much, we build some awesome, affordable stand-up paddles. New to the line-up is our 4 piece Freedom Stand-Up paddle. Not only is the Freedom a durable, light weight, comfortable paddle that won't break the bank, but now it is offered in a 4 piece version, making it convenient for any travel and adjustable to canoe paddle length for kneeling or sitting on the board.

Check it out here: Freedom Stand-Up Paddle

    Learning to Stand Up Paddle

    Stand-Up paddle boarding in it's entirety - is an awesome experience. It's easy to learn, great exercise, involves nature, can be enjoyed with friends, kids, solo - or even try some yoga on the board.

    The basic concept is to stand on a board, similar to a surf board, and glide across the water while using a long paddle to steer and propel.

    While paddling, stay engaged through the core, keep knees slightly bent, shoulder width stance, and most importantly, relax and enjoy! The more relaxed and fluid, the easier it is to move and sway with the water.

      Letting the Soul Dance.

      As a society based largely around work, titles, status, likes and incredibly hectic schedules - it is really easy to forget the freedom of living. Getting out there and letting the soul dance and feel and experience… without a time restraint.

      Last week I battled myself, convincing myself I was too busy to get out on the water. I stared longingly at the water every night, exhausted from the day, telling myself - maybe tomorrow.

        Yoga, a Proactive Solution to Overall Body Health

        When it comes to taking care of our bodies, the first thought that comes to my mind is yoga. In a world of reactionary solutions, yoga can be both a proactive and reactive solution. As a society, we tend to eat foods that we know are not good for us and behave in ways that we know can hurt us, all with the attitude that we can just go to the doctor and have someone fix us. If a joint goes out, we replace it with plastic - instead of strengthening the weak muscles that compromised the joint in the first place.