Letting Go and Having Fun on the Water.

Whether you are just starting the adventure of stand-up paddle boarding or you are an experienced paddler, the most important piece is to enjoy the ride. Be safe but not scared. If you are trying yoga poses, embrace the water if and when you fall in! Yoga, at it's core, is not about perfect poses; it's about accepting and loving self… without judgement. And laughter truly is the best medicine. So, enjoy today… and life. Have fun!

5 Tips to Staying Well this Cold Season!

  1. Soothe your sinuses with sesame oil. Lie down, tilt your head back, and apply three to five drops of sesame oil into each of your nostrils.
  2. Keep your lungs clear with the full yogic breathe. Inhaling through the nose, deep into the belly then filling the lungs and chest. Exhale through the mouth, emptying the chest, belly, and finally drawing the belly button back towards the spine.
  3. Boost your immunity with tulsi (holy basil) tea.

    Freedom Stand-Up Paddle 4 Piece

    Because we care about your paddling experience so much, we build some awesome, affordable stand-up paddles. New to the line-up is our 4 piece Freedom Stand-Up paddle. Not only is the Freedom a durable, light weight, comfortable paddle that won't break the bank, but now it is offered in a 4 piece version, making it convenient for any travel and adjustable to canoe paddle length for kneeling or sitting on the board.

    Check it out here: Freedom Stand-Up Paddle

      Learning to Stand Up Paddle

      Stand-Up paddle boarding in it's entirety - is an awesome experience. It's easy to learn, great exercise, involves nature, can be enjoyed with friends, kids, solo - or even try some yoga on the board.

      The basic concept is to stand on a board, similar to a surf board, and glide across the water while using a long paddle to steer and propel.

      While paddling, stay engaged through the core, keep knees slightly bent, shoulder width stance, and most importantly, relax and enjoy! The more relaxed and fluid, the easier it is to move and sway with the water.